"Bubbles and Balloons": Pack Light Adult Day Party

"Bubbles and Balloons": Pack Light Adult Day Party

12.50 23.00

It’s labor day weekend and life is doing what it does best—GOING. This day gathering is Pack Light’s first Bubbles & Balloons Party. The space will be crafted in a way that is reminiscent & nostalgic from the entrance all the way to the back of the house with your favorite childhood games, sensory experiences full of color, balloons, a relay race, bubbles, a dance floor and our favorite desserts/food.

WE ARE ENCOURAGING YOU TO PLAY, CONNECT with other HUMANS & really take a deep well-deserved breath.

Pack Light, LLC is 🗣A woman of color centered space purposed for instigating, sparking & energizing you to be who you already are. 🎒💡 🌍 #findjoy 💛 This event is co-ed however.

Happy Birthday, Sunshine! Happy Joy Day, Loved One. Lighter Days are Ahead.

Oh and Invite a friend or come ready to meet your new ones—you can’t dance and not make new friends, DUH (we cap out at 50 people).

Please RSVP/Register before August 18th, 2019.*

All registrants after that point are not guaranteed party favors.

If you can’t make it but would like to still contribute/support: Do so HERE

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No kids are allowed. You are the kid tonight.