What is Packing Light?


  • Healthier Lifestyle

  1. Who doesn’t like to feel and look good? By healthier eating and working out, we begin to outwardly see what we feel on the inside. 
  2. Getting adequate rest is necessary, but rest is more than sleeping. Rest is deciding what you will and will not take on. It's the art of saying no to what you do not need now, and saying yes to the things that you desire to have and how you desire to be. 
  • Traveling

  1. Allows you to see possibility.
  2. Allows you to experience the abundance of what the world (God) wants to give to you.
  3. More of yourself becomes available when you have less to carry. The experience is so much richer.
  4. Practice Packing Light (literally). #Minimalism


  1. Self-Care
  2. Taking your ideas and making them a reality.
  3. Mental de-clutter.
  4. Identity reformation & Self Acceptance.


  1. "Emotional health is about being happy, self-confident, self-aware, and resilient (helpguide.org, n.d.). It’s about being able to bounce-back from life’s setbacks and challenges. This helps us to realize and actualize our full potentials by knowing who we are.


Sanovia Garrett
Practicing Positivity. <3

One powerful minute with Nomadic Novi on packing light!


There's this thing--I believe they call it POSITIVITY, Self-care, Affirmations, Confirmations, or simply put--PEACE. I believe that peace is achievable for each and every single person who is reaching for it, scratch that, crawling for it. Because, sometimes, we will not have the energy to reach. 

Practicing positivity in a world where complaints are so much easier to embrace is a difficult process. It's hard, y'all, LIKE, really hard. I walk into work some days with co-workers who complain from (LITERALLY) sun-up to sun-down. Working 5am shifts and then staying after (12 hours) to do homework will show you the range of emotions experienced throughout the day.

It is habitual. It is easy. It is common. & IT. IS. UGLY. 

Straight up. 

I understand this deeper than human emotions though. I understand this on a spiritual level. People become the atmosphere in which they place themselves. If I was a looking for a quick death I would become a victim to every freakin' negative thought, emotion and energy I came into contact with. I could do that, we could all do that, but it does nothing more than make an already bad day, worse. 

We change these days by doing two things that can be applied to elements of Packing Light:

1. Mental De-clutter: pretty simply put, you feel better when you THINK better.

2. Emotional: Finding ways to BE HAPPY, will allow you to break through any circumstance. Plus, your light will be able to shine brighter than any darkness that may be trying to surround you.

3. Physical: When your body feels better, you perform better. Maybe your mentally tired? Draw energy from your physical strength to push through. 


I believe that you can BE who you want to see shine in the world. I believe in you. 


Until Next Time,

Sanovia (Nomadic Novi) Garrett

Sanovia Garrett